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Do you want more out of your marketing? Does your company have a great story to tell, but no one to tell it? No time for social media, even though you know how important it is for your business?

LD-Ink is a marketing communications company that can help. We specialize in helping small to medium-sized businesses identify their brand, raise their profile and communicate more effectively with customers, clients, and social media followers.

LD-Ink provides comprehensive marketing communications programs that help companies grow through building a wider audience and raising it’s profile online. We serve a diverse array of companies in many different industries. From website creation and public relations to online marketing and social media management – LD-Ink is dedicated to all areas of business communications.

Services we provide:

Freelance Writing / Content development / Video marketing
Websites / Digital marketing
Advertising / Print, TV and Radio commercials
Newsletters / Brochures / Marketing collateral
Social Media / Blog Posts / Graphic posts
Press Releases / Public Relations
Grand openings / Event Marketing and planning
Community / Charitable outreach

Industries we serve:

Medical Practices / Health Care companies
Law firms / Legal Practices
Software IT / Technology companies
Magazines / Media and Publishing
Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion
Boutiques and Retail Stores

No company is too small for our services. Whether it’s a simple grand opening, or a multi-channel marketing campaign, LD-Ink is here to serve your needs. Because marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be good.