Lisa Dawson

Founder Lisa Dawson is a marketing executive, professional writer, blogger, brand manager, content developer, public relations and social media expert. Since 2007, LD-Ink has been a marketing communications company focused on helping businesses grow and develop their brand using a variety of marketing programs. Working with  companies in several industries, including: healthcare, consumer products, education, agriculture, technology and manufacturing, LD-Ink provides strategic marketing plans and executes programs based on experience, knowledge and business acumen.

Lisa Dawson’s work can be seen and heard in corporate videos, television commercials, newspaper and magazine articles, blogs, press releases, print ads, brochures, flyers, social media posts, logo development and websites.

LD-Ink is based in Frisco, Texas. To see samples of LD-Ink work, or to schedule a consultation, please email lisa@ld-ink.com

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